The Great Onyx Sarcophagus


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This track is a continuation of the chronicles foretold in "Upon the Golgothan Plains", in which the Forces Ov Hell - freshly battered and distraught over the crushing of Satan and the decimation of their ranks - reevaluate their purpose in life and tremble in fear under the deep silhouette of a new and ancient entity.


- Archdemons -
O' Great Conqueror of Cryptos,
The Levant,
And on High!
Ov shallow grave,
Rotted mount,
Sunken souls, and
Hallowed Heights,
O' Great Onyx Sarcophagus
O' Great Power,
Slayer ov Satan!
Conqueror ov Gods!
Terror ov Chaos!

- Narrator -
Having absorbed the soul ov Satan,
The Great Onyx Sarcophagus,
Singular in purpose, and iron of will,
Turned slowly to face the surviving Legions ov Hell,
Who fell to their knees in worship of their new master
With tears ov Joy, the Demons cried:

- The Host -

- Archdemons -
Power overwhelming,
The nameless Sin,
Cold, invincible,
Chaos within
Turn all eyes
Straight toward the sky
To the Coffin empowered with flight!
God, angels, and demons are dead
Even Great Satan's lost his head!
Black, ancient, taker ov Life!
Come to us and set this world alight!

Cracking the Skies,
This ancient Being,
Heretical malice,
Painless feeling!
Faster than light,
Louder than sound,
Crushing your corpse
Into the ground!
King ov Kings,
Come and bleed
Crusher ov crosses
Now here you feed!
Unto me black Coffin ov Death,
One-shot them all,
Take their heads!

- Narrator -
The Primal Archdemon,
Having finished its infernal incantations,
Knelt beside its fallen brethren,
As the Great Onyx Sarcophagus
Rose and issued a new Prime Directive:
The conquest of Earth Realm!


released February 7, 2020
all guitars, drums, noises, hellscapes, bass and vox by GARGANTUAN
Track artwork by Michael Vega


all rights reserved



Gargantuan Springfield, Illinois

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